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VMs Security Tags during Disaster Recovery

If you use VM Security Tags for Security Group membership, these Security Tags are not applied on those VMs on the recovery site. On the protected site. After using SRM for a planned migration or during a disaster recovery.   I have created the same Security Tags on both the NSX Managers. Primary NSX Manager:… Read More »

NSX Components DRS Anti-Affinity Rules

NSX Edge Services Gateways(ESG) – DRS Anti-Affinity automatically configured by NSX NSX Control VMs – DRS Anti-Affinity automatically configured by NSX NSX Controllers – Need to manually configured for DRS Anti-Affinity rules

How should I connect NSX Edges to Firewalls?

In most of the NSX design documents, you will find that they usually consider connecting the NSX ESG(Edge Services Gateway) to physical routers which are usually the border leaf if you are using a Spine-Leaf architecture or Core switches if you are using a 3-Tier architecture. Below are some examples. Reference: NSX Design Guide  … Read More »

TWO new VMware NSX Offerings – Now Part of VMUG Advantage!

NSX is included in EVALExperience! Enjoy exclusive access to 365-day evaluation licenses for the following VMware solutions: VMware NSX Enterprise Edition – NEW! VMware vCenter Server Standard for vSphere 6.5 VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus v6.5 VMware vSAN VMware vCloud Suite Standard VMware vRealize Orchestrator VMware vRealize Operations 6 Enterprise VMware vRealize Log Insight… Read More »

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