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PKS Pivotal Container Service 1.0 with NSX-T Installation

In this blog post, I will share my experience, hopefully step by step on installing PKS 1.0 on NSX-T 2.1. Pre-req You can refer to my previous blog posts on how to install NSX-T 2.1. References

PKS Pivotal Container Service 1.0 GA

PKS 1.0 has gone GA on the 8 Feb 2018! Its kinda weird that there is not much announcement on the web.   I am super excited about PKS as it has native integration with NSX-T! Features Create, resize, delete, list, and show clusters through the PKS CLI Native support for NSX-T and Flannel Easily… Read More »

NSX-T 2.1 for PKS and PCF 2.0 Lab

From VMware PKS architecture, slide from VMworld 2017 US, you can see there is NSX to provide the network & security services for BOSH. To be more precise, this is going to be NSX-T. In the following few posts, I will cover setting up the vSphere Lab and prepare the hosts for NSX-T, and be ready… Read More »

My First KUBO Deployment – PKS

Pivotal Container Service (PKS) was announced in VMworld 2017 US. Its not GA yet but through the VMworld CNA sessions, I learnt that its going to use BOSH to spin up Kubernetes cluster, thus the name KUBO – Kubernetes on BOSH. Through my googling, I saw my fellow colleague Simon from Ireland had the same… Read More »

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