Virtual Network Assessment (VNA)

Recently I have been actively involved in carrying out the rolling out of VNA. Training for the internal VMware folks as well as the VMware partners. So what is exactly VNA and whats in for you?

VMware Virtual Network Assessment(VNA) is a assessment that analyzes network traffic patterns within your data center. In 24 to 72 hours the assessment delivers:
Insights into the security risk (amount of East-West traffic) present in your network
A preview of actionable NSX micro-segment recommendations for your network
Opportunities to optimize network performance with NSX

How do I get my assessment?

You can contact me or your VMware partner to request your Virtual Network Assessment today. When your assessment is complete, an NSX expert will review your report and outline how NSX can help secure your network.

Are there any technical requirements to getting an Assessment?
vSphere 5.5 or above
ESXi 5.5 update 2 (build 2068190)
ESXi 6.0 update 1b (3380124)
ESXi 6.5
vSphere Distributed Switch

Here is a video on VNA.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.16.15 PM