Kubernetes with NSX-T Container Plugin Demo List

I have been doing Kubernetes with NSX-T demonstrations to my customers and many of my colleagues and partners have been asking for the demo list. Here is the list.

  1. Create a NO-NAT namespace

  2. Deploy Yelb App with NSX-T K8s Service Type Load Balancer

  3. Native Routable IP Address for Pod Networking

  4. K8s Ingress with developer specified domain

  5. K8s Labels and Container Micro-segmentation Distributed Firewall

  6. K8s Network Policy translated into Distributed Firewall Rules

  7. NSX-T Traceflow Tool from Pod to Pod

  8. NSX-T Port Mirroring Tool  from Container Logical Port

You can find the kubernetes yaml files over here. https://github.com/vincenthanjs/yelb-demo

If you like watch a recording of the demo which is based on PKS, you can view it here.