VMware VIC – vSphere Integrated Containers Testing

Recently partly due to my interest and also work requirements, I wanted to test out VIC. You can read more about VIC here https://vmware.github.io/vic-product/.

Below shows a screenshot that I had successfully deployed a vSphere Container Host(VCH). I wasn’t successfully the first time I tried to set it up just by reading the github documentation. Ben Corrie released an updated the VIC 1.1 Installation video and that help me a lot and I was successful deploying the VCH after following his steps in his video. You can watch the video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WRFhJLZHJI

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.01.47 PM


Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 12.18.23 AM


Here are some of the steps I took to create the environment. I also want to use this post as a guide to list down the docker commands that I used so that I can refer to this page when I need it in a POC or showing a demo.

Deploying VCH

vic-machine-windows.exe update firewall –target vcenter01.acepod.com –user administrator@vsphere.local –password ** –compute-resource Cluster03-ComputeA –thumbprint 94:0D:18:EB:93:8B:50:C2:3D:1A:56:BB:9F:10:39:29:C2:4C:58:92 –allow

vic-machine-windows.exe create –target vcenter01.acepod.com –user administrator@vsphere.local –password ****** –name VCH01 –public-network “VLAN193-External03″ –public-network-ip –public-network-gateway  –bridge-network vxw-dvs-80-universalwire-127-sid-8021-VIC-Bridge01 –bridge-network-range “″ –dns-server –tls-cname=*.acepod.com –no-tlsverify –compute-resource Cluster03-ComputeA –thumbprint 94:0D:18:EB:93:8B:50:C2:3D:1A:56:BB:9F:10:39:29:C2:4C:58:92 –image-store ds-xpe01-nfs02



Containers Creation and Management

To start a container and attach to the console of the container

docker -H –tls run –name test3 -it busybox

To list the containers running in the host

docker -H –tls ps -a

To exit a container without shutting down the container

Ctrl+P, Q(still holding Ctrl)

To attach back to a running container

docker -H –tls attach test3

To delete the container

docker -H –tls rm test3

To start a stopped container

docker -H –tls start test3

Some other useful commands:

To list the volumes

docker -H –tls network ls

To list the volumes

docker -H –tls volume ls